10 Can’t-miss new products for babies & toddlers from the LA Baby Show

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I had the pleasure of visiting the annual LA Baby Show in Downtown LA this weekend where I viewed and sampled more than 100 amazing products and services! Some of them really stood out to me and I wanted to share my top 10. Check out this list for some game-changing products you may not have heard of, but absolutely can’t miss!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored and may contain affiliate links. I received samples or viewed demos of the below products for reviewing purposes.

Mabel’s Labels

Mabel's Labels

Of all the brands I knew would be at the baby show, I was most excited about Mabel’s Labels. These are custom, waterproof labels that are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and laundry safe! You can put them on just about everything, and it’s perfect for moms of babies and kids on the go. If your child goes to daycare, school or camp, or are involved in sports or travel a lot, Mabel’s Labels are a must-have!

labels for kids shoes

In the past, I’ve made my own labels on the computer to label the girls’ toys and bags. Over time, I didn’t have the time to make my own and am so glad I have custom Mabel’s labels to use now instead! As a mom of twins who travel a lot and also are in dance classes with other children, I’m grateful that we have these labels to keep up with all their stuff.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 4.14.20 PM

Visit the Mabel’s Labels website for custom labels or on Amazon here on for DIY write-in labels!

Lulla Doll

I got to see the Lulla Doll in person at the baby show, and I was so impressed by the technology. The idea is simple: it’s  a sleep companion doll that makes 8 hours of comforting heartbeat & breathing sounds. The technology and design are what makes Lulla Doll so impressive and special. It is safe for babies of all ages, even preemies, and was developed with input from doctors, psychologists, nurses, midwives, engineers, and parents.


Lulla Doll is very lightweight and is made of breathable, machine-washable cotton. This would make a GREAT gift for a new mom or even as an item to donate to a local NICU, hospital or hospice. I mean, who doesn’t want their child to sleep more comfortably, for longer?

Roro Lulla Doll

To buy a Lulla Doll of your own, visit the official website, or get a Lulla Doll on Amazon here.

Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket

As Californians who travel a lot, my children and I spend a lot of time in the sun! We use Babyganics Sunscreen, but frequently have to re-apply or shield the babies with tents, canopies or umbrellas. Luckily, we now have LuvBug’s lightweight, SPF 50 sunscreen protecting blanket that keeps my girls safe and stylish!


What I love most about this blanket is how lightweight and portable it is. It’s not heavy or hot like most blankets and is more easily accessible than hats, umbrellas or tents to protect the children from the sun. These are PERFECT for days at the beach, pool or lake, at outdoor sporting events, long days at theme parks or on vacation!


You can get your very own sunscreen blanket here on Amazon, or at the official Luv Bug Company website

LuvBug sunscreen blanket.jpg

B. Sensible Beyond Waterproof crib sheets

This bedsheet was probably the most unbelievable thing I saw at the LA Baby show! I got to watch a live demo pouring water onto this sheet and it is truly waterproof! Whether you have a baby in diapers, a potty training toddler or even just the occasional bottle spill, this sheet will save you loads of time in cleanup and drama everytime the sheets get wet.



What I love about these sheets is that they are incredibly soft, and are made from natural materials so they’re not harsh or rubbery. They are completely breathable and come in lots of colors. These are a great item to register for or to gift to a new mom. I hope to get some myself for when I’m potty training my girls!


B. Sensible waterproof crib sheet

For more details, visit the B. Sensible website or buy these sheets on Amazon here.

Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food

I have purchased Yummy Spoonfuls baby food before seeing it at the LA Baby show, but this weekend, I got to sample some new flavors, meet the company’s founder, and learn more about this great brand!

best organic baby food yummy spoonfuls

Yummy Spoonfuls is made with fresh, organic and responsibly sourced ingredients, is gently cooked and then frozen without preservatives! The baby food comes in squeeze pouches and the toddler food comes in either small bites or bowls that feature flavors like sweet potato, green bean and chicken & carrots, potato and grass-fed beef!

yummy spoonfuls baby food
You can find Yummy spoonfuls in the freezer section of your local Target store and other grocery stores nationwide!

DK Follow the Trail Books

I thought my girls had every kind of book there was until I saw these follow the trail books from DK! For those of you who aren’t familiar, finger trail books help children with shapes and help to build their motor skills. At the LA Baby Show, we got a follow the trail book with a Winter Wonderland theme!

DK follow the trail book

My 2-year-old daughters were so excited for a new book, but also loved using their little fingers to follow the various trails and point out the penguins, polar bears, reindeer and other animals! It’s fun to read stories to them, but I love that this book also has an interactive element.

Dk follow the trail book

DK makes follow the trail books with other themes, including ‘At the Zoo’ and ‘Baby Dinosaurs’! You can buy books like these on Amazon here or at your local Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Sugarbooger Good Lunch Sandwich Boxes

Before the LA Baby show, we had Sugarbooger plates, but had no idea about all of their other amazing products for little ones at mealtime! Our favorite is the Good Lunch Sandwich box.


The designs are very modern, cute and fun for little ones! (They kind of remind me of the Honest Company diaper patterns). They are innovative and safe (BPA free) and I love that the boxes are compartmentalized.

sandwich boxore good lunch sandwich box

You can buy this sandwich box and other Sugar Booger mealtime staples at the official website, or here on Amazon!

Babyganics Outdoor Essentials

We were familiar with Babyganics products long before the baby show, but this weekend I got to see their full product line, especially the outdoor essentials! In addition to mineral sunscreen, they also have a sunscreen stick, alcohol-free foam hand sanitizer, and even deet-free insect repellent!

Get your own Babyganics outdoor essentials pack here on Amazon, or visit your local Target or Buy Buy Baby.

 Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cups

These cups really are a miracle. They’re spill proof, and only have 2 parts: the cup and the lid! We have a ton of sippy cups with all kinds of straws, valves, lids and other pieces and they were such a pain. Now, we love our 360 cups and our girls are learning to drink out of cups without spills or drama!


You can find these sippy cups in numerous sizes, with handles for younger babies or without!

munchkin 360 miracle sippy cup

You can buy Munchkin 360 Miracle sippy cups here on Amazon, or at Target stores!

Little Artist Party


The Little Artist Party booth at the baby show was certainly a favorite for my little girls! It wasn’t open to the general public, but the girls and I got a lucky sneak peek at some of the fun and creative activities Little Artist Party will bring to your party or event.


The activity the kids were working on this weekend were decorating hand puppets complete with clothing, hair, and accessories! Little Artist Party will tailor the activities and materials to your party theme. This weekend the party hosts brought all kinds of materials like pom poms, paint, feathers, glitter, and yarn and they were there the whole time to help my little ones with their art projects.

little artist party

Visit the Little Artist Party website awww.littleartistparty.com or email littleartistparty@yahoo.com for more details on how to host a party for the Little Artists in your life!

Well, that’s a wrap for another year of the LA Baby Show! I hope you saw something in my list that got you excited and I hope you’ll join us at next year’s show. Don’t forget to click the links for more information about these products and follow me on Pinterest for details on more great products for kids!