Aulani with toddlers: things to do

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It’s obvious that Disney Aulani is great for older kids, but you might be wondering what is there to do at Aulani for toddlers. My husband and I took our twin toddlers (22 months) to Aulani last week and they had a BLAST! If you’re planning a Disney Aulani Resort vacation read on below to check out what kinds of things you can do with your littlest ones at the resort.

Character Meet & Greets

This one is a no-brainer. At various times during the day, you can meet Disney Characters around the resort for free! While we were there, we saw Stitch, Moana, Chip & Dale, Mickey and Minnie! You can either run into the characters at random or call ahead to find out the character schedule to make sure your toddler gets to participate.

Character Dining

Character dining at Disney Aulani is different than at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The cost is comparable for adults, kids under 3 are free, but the character dining at Aulani is more interactive and is more like a show. There is a host, “Aunty”, and she leads songs with dancing and the kids and Characters can join in with musical instruments. Not to leave out the toddlers, the servers will bring musical instruments to your table (shakers, coconut shells, etc) if they want to participate too. In addition to this interactive aspect, the characters come to each individual table to say hello, pose for photos and give out hugs.

Rainbow Reef Cave

There is an observation alcove in Rainbow Reef where toddlers can watch people snorkeling and look at all the colorful fish swimming by. There is even a chart with the names of the different kinds of fish. Our toddlers had a blast pointing at all the fish and shouting out which colors they are. We spent a good amount of time looking at the fish every day. It’s a great way to get out of the sun for awhile, and is very near the restrooms too!


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Ko’ Olina Lagoon

We didn’t know about this lagoon area when we were planning our trip, we just noticed it when we went down to the beach. This area is FANTASTIC for toddlers because it has a wide open grassy area for them to run wild and play, is shaded, is MUCH less crowded than the pool and beach areas and is a great place to relax and even have a picnic!

Keiki Cove Splash Pad

This area is great for toddlers who aren’t great swimmers but still want to play in the water. It is a regular splash pad, but some of the spouts shoot water up in various patterns, so it’s never the same. It has a tiled octopus on the floor and the surrounding rocks have impressions of starfish, conch shells and other sea life. This area is safe for even the tiniest little ones and it’s nice for toddlers to get to play with other kids their age! There is even seating for adults.

Waikolohe Stream (Lazy river)

This was a favorite with my little ones. It has a small current but it moves at a leisurely pace (no chance of unseating you or flipping over your raft while you’re on there with your toddler). You can borrow a swim safety vest from the resort or bring your own but they’re not required for bringing a baby or toddler in the lazy river with you.  Also, there are lifeguards around every turn/bend in the river) so you can feel safe with your toddler in the lazy river with you.  It’s good fun for toddlers.


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Na Pua Place Kids Lounge

From the moment you check in, Aulani has your toddlers in mind. There is a kid’s lounge mere feet away from the check-in desk in the main lobby. It has toddler-sized chairs, a TV screen with Disney shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Hawaiian 3D art and other fun interactive elements.

Hiding Menehune Statues

There are tons of little figures scattered all around the resort in hiding, just waiting for your little ones to discover them. We saw a ton of them on the banks of the lazy river, in elevators, and in the bushes next to the pool! They all look different and are fun to “find” like little hidden Easter eggs. If your toddlers enjoy Elf on the Shelf, they’ll enjoy finding the Menehune.


Depending on what your toddler likes to do there are other activities you might consider:

  • Outdoor Disney Movie Nights
  • the Ka Wa’a Luau
  • Aunty’s Beach House (3 years +)
  • Fire pit storytelling
  • Pau Hana Room (Games/activity room)

Overall, our toddlers had a ton of fun at Aulani and I’m so glad we decided to visit instead of waiting until they’re older. If you’re planning a Hawaiian vacation with your family and are worried Aulani may not have much to offer your toddler, worry no more!

For more details, visit the Disney Aulani website