Baby Elephant Ears Review

Baby Elephant Ears Review

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Baby Elephant Ears headrest for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Hey everyone, I’m back with an all-new product review of a fabulous multi-use headrest pillow called Baby Elephant Ears! They’re headrest pillows for babies and small children that are unique, mom-designed, and made in the USA! Check out my review below for more reasons why I love Baby Elephant Ears.

Chiropractor-inspired design.

Baby Elephant Ears are designed to keep your child’s head neck and back aligned while they’re sitting down! This alignment helps support crucial skeleto-spinal development (particularly in the 0-2 age range). When my girls were infants, as preemies, they needed extra head and neck support on a daily basis. Nowadays, as toddlers, they need that support when sitting in their car seats or strollers.  When I use Baby Elephant Ears headrests, I know my toddlers are getting adequate support!

Comfortable for babies and toddlers!

I’ll be honest: I love taking my twins everywhere I go, but sometimes they don’t want to get into their car seats or strollers. I frequently feel mom-guilt about whether they are as comfortable as possible, but now Baby Elephant Ears help to keep them extra comfortable while they’re in a seated position! It may seem like a small favor, but imagine how handy this headrest pillow would be on a long car ride! Follow Baby Elephant Ears on Twitter @babyelephantear to see more photos of how other parents are using Baby Elephant Ears!


Very small and easy to take on the go!

Something I like about Baby Elephant Ears is how small, light and easy they are to take along with you. They even fit into my toddler’s tiny backpacks! Having twins means having 2 of everything, and oftentimes that means taking a bunch of stuff with you every time you leave. If you want Baby Elephant Ears of your own, don’t worry: They will not take up too much space in your diaper bag, stroller or backseat.

Available in tons of cool patterns and premium materials!

If you’ve seen our Instagram page, you know we like to keep it cute, especially when we’re on the go! Baby Elephant Ears come in TONS of fun patterns including Buffalo plaid, paisley, and camo and with prints like mermaids, woodland animals, and rocket ships! There are also organic versions available, and versions made with premium fabrics like soft Minky. We sampled the pink Minky fabric and I LOVE how soft and durable the fabric is. Don’t forget to visit the Baby Elephant Ears Instagram page @babyelephantears to see more photos of the awesome patterns and materials available!

 A definite must-have for traveling!

I will most likely use our Baby Elephant Ears to keep my toddlers comfortable when we are traveling and they have to spend prolonged time in their stroller or car seat. This would be FANTASTIC on an airplane or road trip and I will definitely recommend these headrests to moms traveling with babies! In the meantime, check out the Baby Elephant Ears Facebook page @babyelephantears for behind the scenes photos, insightful blog posts and great deals on Baby Elephant Ears!

Overall, we are so pleased with our Baby Elephant Ears sample and won’t travel without them anytime soon! For pricing, FAQ answers and to view other products, visit the Baby Elephant Ears website at or Shop now on Amazon!

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