Brightening up the pumping room at work with a little help from Bamboobies

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Hey folks, I’m back with another post for you working mamas! Okay let me gush a little: I love my job. I have been so blessed to work for an organization that was nothing but supportive while I pumped for my girls! I spent a lot of time pumping in the nursing mothers room in that 14 months and I wanted to do a little something for all of the new moms returning to work this year.

I have partnered with Bamboobies to make the nursing room at work a little warmer and more welcoming by leaving some awesome breastfeeding freebies and information. I also decorated it a bit and left other fun little touches! Read below for more details and inspo for the nursing room at your workplace.

bamboobies nursing pads

Magazines and Sudoku

Pumping at work can get tedious sometimes! I used to pass the time scrolling on my phone or working through breaks on my laptop but I thought it would be nice to leave some magazines about pregnancy, parenting and family for the other moms to flip through. I also got a little sudoku booklet if anybody wanted to pass the time with that instead. (I couldn’t help but include the LA Baby Show guide too).

family magazinesfamily circle magazine

Breastfeeding literature

I got some great handouts from Lansinoh and the Keep a Breast Foundation on breast health and breastfeeding tips that I left in the pumping room. I also got some Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags for the other moms at work to try out! I used Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags and they are by far the best in my opinion. You can find them here on Amazon!

Lansinoh breastfeeding tipslansinoh brew

Fabulous freebies from Bamboobies!

Like I mentioned before, I partnered with Bamboobies to provide samples of their washable nursing pads and nipple balm to all of the new nursing moms at work! I used Bamboobies products when I was nursing and you know I love sharing products I love with my readers, coworkers, family, and friends!

Bamboobies nursing pads are ultra-thin, washable and reusable and come in a great heart shape that is more discreet under clothing! Buy them here on Amazon! Bamboobies nipple balm is certified 100% organic and is lanolin-free! It’s great for nursing moms or moms who pump to grease their flanges with. You can find it here on Amazon, or at Target, Babies R Us or visit @bamboobies on Instagram for more details!

bamboobies products

Small pops of decor here and there.

I also put out small vases with sunflowers and some wall art just to brighten up the space a bit and make it feel just like the rest of our office!


Before and After

It’s not much, but in less than an hour, I definitely changed the space (hopefully for the better)! I got so much great support from my colleagues while I was pumping and want to do my part to support them as well. I also love that I get to share products I love with other moms like me!

For more tips on breastfeeding twins or pumping at work don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest! Also, if you’re struggling with a low milk supply, check out my post all about how I more than tripled my supply here.

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