Dole Plantation with Toddlers

Last week on our visit to Hawaii, my husband and I took our twin toddlers to the Dole Plantation. There are lots of activities for older kids and adults but if you’re wondering what Dole Plantation for toddlers is like, look no further! Read on below to see some of the highlights of our visit. Maybe your toddler will have as much fun as mine did!

 dole plantation with twins.png

Plantation Garden Tour

There is a GORGEOUS garden you can tour. You can see flowers, pineapple, cacao, sugar cane and lots of other things depending on the season. This tour is great for  bringing your stroller and capturing great pics!

Pineapple Display Garden

This is an interesting area because you can see various types of pineapple growing and there are a lot of placards with the History of the Dole Plantation and Dole food company.  It’s a nice shady area to stroll through and has funny cut outs you can stick your face into to take photos.

Pineapple Express Train

If your toddlers like trains like mine do, they will love this 2 mile train ride. It lasts about 20 minutes and there is PLENTY to see. There is a recording with fun facts about the plantation as well as cool original Hawaiian songs.

Garden Maze

Don’t get me wrong, our toddlers had a blast in the maze because they love just running around freely. That being said, I don’t think it would have been worth the price of entry. (We got our tickets for free from a guest who purchased them in advance but had to leave early). The ground is very rocky so it’s not stroller-friendly, toddlers can walk through gaps in the “dead ends”, which defeats the purpose of the maze and it’s a hot long trip to the end.


Fish Feeding Pond

This pond is right near the Pineapple Display Garden and there are vending machines where you can buy a little bit of fish food. If your toddlers like fish like mine do, they’ll like watching the big Koi fish in this pond, and might even try feeding one!

Plantation Center (Gift shop)

This was my favorite part, but then again I like to shop. If you’re bringing your toddler inside, they can check out the pineapple cutting demonstrations and pick out a souvenir from the Keiki (children) section.

Plantation Grille

Stopping for a Dole Whip or snack is something toddlers can do at the Dole Plantation. I only gave them a little bit, but my girls LOVED the Pineapple ice cream!


There are a number of other things at the Dole Plantation your toddler may like that we didn’t experience. There are lots of kiosks with Henna tattoos, wood carvings, getting your name written in Hawaiian, an Oyster pearl-finding activity, etc. Check these out for yourselves if you visit!

Overall, we had a fun-filled day at the Dole Plantation and would take the kids there again soon.



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