E-Cloth review

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Since my twins were born, I have had a hard time finding quality eco-friendly household cleaning products. For one, I don’t want to expose my babies to harmful chemicals. For another, I hate the idea of those chemicals getting into the water supply, and all those empty bottles and cans of cleaning products in landfills. I have found dish soap and laundry detergent that is biodegradable and eco-friendly but haven’t found a solution for surface and glass cleaners, until I heard about e-cloth!

What is E-cloth?

E-cloth is a special cleaning cloth that removes up to 99% of bacteria on surfaces using just WATER to clean with. My bathroom is one area of the house I haven’t made the switch to chemical-free cleaning so I was excited to try something that would allow me to eliminate all those cleaning products I was using.

Testing the E-cloth

I tested the E-cloth bathroom pack, which includes a bathroom cloth and glass/polishing cloth. First I tried the bathroom cloth on my bathroom countertop. It cleaned very quickly with no scrubbing and looked exactly like how it looks when I clean it with bleach wipes. The surface was perfectly clean and shiny and there wasn’t any residue!

Next, I used the glass e-cloth for cleaning the bathroom mirror and polishing the fixtures on our bathroom sink. It was pretty astounding to see my mirror actually get clean without glass cleaner. Using the e-cloth, there were no spots or streaks, and the mirror was perfectly clean in just a few seconds! If I had used water with a regular cleaning rag, the mirror would have been smeared and streaky. I asked my mom to try it on her bathroom mirror and she stood in front of it, jaw dropped, in shock that it worked so quickly and with only just water!

I got so excited, I ran to the babies room to try it on their mirrored closet doors! It worked like magic. A streak-free shiny clean mirror with no glass cleaner necessary. One of my twins kept giggling at me wiping the mirrors down and wanted to try it herself.

Why try E-cloth?

The main reason to use E-cloth in my opinion is to limit your exposure to hash chemicals in your home by using e-cloth and water to clean instead. Cleaning products found in every home cause cancer, breathing problems, poor indoor air quality, and even poisonings.

For example, according to the CDC, children die daily from avoidable poisonings by household cleaners. Also, according to the American Lung Association, women who use traditional cleaning products have a nearly 15% loss of lung function. E-cloth essentially eliminates the risks of allergic reactions, rashes and asthma from the chemicals, fragrances and dyes found in traditional cleaners because when using E-cloth, there is no chemical residue on surfaces or sprayed into the air to breathe. Also, you are dramatically reducing chemicals in the environment and landfill waste!


Where can you get an E-cloth?

E-cloth is now available at Ace Hardware!  Visit the store locator on www.ecloth.com to find your local participating store. If you’re interested in learning more about E-cloth products, check out their blog at http://ecloth.wordpress.com! You can also follow them on social media. Facebook: www.facebook.com/eclothUSA, Twitter: @Ecloth and Instagram: @eclothUSA


An E-cloth averages $7.99 and they last up to 6 years or 300 washes. Over time this will save you money from not buying household cleaning products and paper towels to clean with.



E-cloth gets 5 happy babies from Gone With the Twins! I cannot believe how quickly and easily it solved my dilemma of finding an eco-friendly, simple alternative to the cleaning products I’ve been using in our bathrooms.

Disclaimer: I received 2 e-cloths in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This post does not contain affiliate links and is not otherwise paid or incentivized.