Gift Guide for Minimalist Women

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No matter what time of year it is, there is likely a special event coming up you need to buy a gift for. Between birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s day it might be hard to choose the right gift for the woman in your life every time. This can be even harder if that woman identifies as a minimalist.

Minimalism looks different in everyone’s life, but consider how certain gifts might burden a woman with additional clutter after she’s already made the decision to declutter her home/life. I recently decluttered my home and dread the idea of more things coming in to fill it back up that I didn’t choose myself. I came up with the idea to list gifts that don’t add to the clutter and share it with people looking for a minimalist gift guide. Read on and consider some of these gift ideas:

Experiential Gifts

Experiential gifts are perfect because they can’t be the wrong size, get broken or clutter up the house. The recipient can experience it, appreciate it and only have to take home photos or memories.

  • Gift voucher for a local activity or tour
  • Concert tickets
  • Theatre tickets
  • Movie tickets
  • Sporting event tickets
  • Taking a class together (cooking class, dance class, pottery class, painting class)

Gifts that disappear

Gifts that disappear are obviously short-lived, but provide a few moments of indulgence for the recipient and show how much you care.

  • Bath Bombs/ Bubble Bars /Soaps
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Gift cards

Food item gifts

I feel like food-related gifts are the most obvious choice, but might be really appropriate for a minimalist friend who is also a foodie.

  • Take her out to a special dinner/ brunch
  • Gift card to a restaurant
  • Fruit/vegetable basket
  • Chocolates/candy/cookies/cakes
  • Bottle of wine/alcohol

Membership gifts

Buying a membership is a great example of the gift that keeps on giving. The recipient can use and reuse the gift at their discretion and think of you each time!

  • Museum/aquarium membership
  • Theme park season passes
  • Theatre season packages
  • Netflix subscription
  • Gym/Dance class package

Service gifts

Service gifts are also a pretty obvious choice, but you can get really creative with the kind of service gift you choose!

  • Spa services
  • House cleaning
  • Car detailing
  • Personal chef
  • Ride share gift card (Lyft, Moovn)
  • Landscaping

Hopefully this gift guide is useful in your search for the perfect gift idea for the minimalist friend, family member or colleague you’re shopping for. If not, hopefully it got your creative juices flowing to come up with the perfect idea yourself. Happy shopping!


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