Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers!

Welcome to my Holiday gift guide! Consider it my very own “Favorite Things” list! This list has gift ideas for every kind of toddler, and the gifts are shareable! The best thing about my list is that all of these gifts are available on Amazon, making it easier than ever to one-stop shop! Check out my list below and let us know: what kind of toddler do you have?

Toddler Gift Ideas

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links

 For the Rockstar

Musical instruments make great gifts for toddlers! My girls have a piano, an accordion, flutes, drums, and even a glockenspiel! Music is fun for them, and great for their development too. Check out this drumset from VTech! Available on Amazon here.

For the Bookworm

You really can’t go wrong with books as gifts for toddlers, but what about a way to store them? I saw this delightful book storage rack that would look fab in any nursery or playroom! The best part is that your toddler can pick out (and put away) their own books! Shop now on Amazon here.

For the Foodie

My girls love “cooking” and “eating” pretend food! They have a play kitchen and plastic grocery cart they love playing with. I found some awesome other play spaces for toddlers who love to pretend to cook and eat, like this food truck from Fisher Price!

I was also blown away by this pretend diner/restaurant from Melissa and Doug! This is more on the expensive side but well worth it if your little one is a future chef in training! Shop now on Amazon here.

For the Dancing Queen (or King)

One of my daughters is definitely our dancer. Even at 6 months, she loved kicking her fit and bobbing her head to the music! If your toddler is a dancing machine, check out this Learn & Groove Musical Mat from Leap Frog! You can find it here on Amazon.


For the Great Pretender

Do you have a princess in your life who likes dressing up and playing pretend? This dress-up chest from Disney is perfect for storing all of those hats, costumes, and shoes! Shop here on Amazon.

If your toddler isn’t into the Princess stuff or doesn’t play dress-up, check out his playhouse from Fisher-Price! My girls had this same playhouse and loved it. It plays songs, teaches toddlers numbers, colors and the alphabet and has a mailbox, porch light, windows that open and close and a number of other fun features. Shop here on Amazon.

For the Outdoorsy Baby

My girls are definitely outdoor babies. They love any toys that they can play with outside! I especially like toys that include myself and my husband, so I adore this Little Tyke’s Cozy Roadster that parents can push, and babies can ride! Shop here on Amazon.

For the Party Animal

Get the party started with this bounce house from Little Tykes! For less than $200, you can own your very own bounce house and make every day a party! A family friend of ours has one of these, and the girls love coming over for parties. This bounce house is easy (and quick) to inflate and is safe for even the smaller jumpers! Shop here on Amazon.

For the Glam Girl

If one of your toddlers likes getting their nails done like my girl does, get a set of Piggy Paint nail polish as a gift! Piggy Paint is non-toxic, odor-free and water based! It also doesn’t stay on too long, so you don’t need to use nail polish remover. During flip-flop season or right before vacations, I like to give my cuties pedicures with Piggy Paint. Shop here on Amazon.

For the Thrill-Seeker

Some toddlers just love bouncing and climbing! My girls got a mini trampoline for their birthday and love it! This would make a great holiday gift for a toddler. At 3 feet wide, they don’t take up too much space and have a safety grip to hold onto. If your toddler needs to shake his or her sillies out, this trampoline is a fun way to do that. Shop here on Amazon.

For the Sporty Baby

I didn’t realize my girls would be so into basketball until my husband brought home a hoop! Let your little one feel the thrill of dunking on their sibling, crank up the Space Jam soundtrack and get to hooping! This Basketball Hoop from Fisher-Price is adjustable, and will grow along with your toddler! Shop here on Amazon.

Whether your baby is a rock star, party animal or bookworm, I hope you found something on my list for him or her! If you have twins like I do, all of these gifts are shareable! For more gift guides, follow me on Pinterest!