Souvenir ideas for minimalists

Souvenirs for minimalists

If you’re reading this post, you might be looking to buy souvenirs for minimalists. Whether you’re looking for yourself or bringing something back for a family member, friend or colleague, this post has ideas for you! We recently went on family vacation to Hawaii and although I typically prefer to spend my money on experiences wherever I visit, I love buying souvenirs! In past years, I’ve struggled with snow globes cluttering up the shelves, t-shirts cluttering up my drawers, mugs cluttering up my cupboards and magnets cluttering the refrigerator. Since decluttering, I have gotten rid of the majority of that stuff and decided to figure out what kinds of souvenirs would be best to not add to the clutter in our home. Keeping in mind that photos and memories make the best souvenirs, I compiled a list with examples of other items below.

Souvenirs that go away

Things like lipgloss, candles and handmade soaps can be enjoyed when you get home, will remind you of where you visited for a short time and eventually go away. In Hawaii I got some plumeria lip gloss, a scented candle and some locally made soaps. Other examples include: lotions and perfumes.



Jewelry is a great souvenir because it’s typically small and already has a designated area in your home, like a jewelry chest and won’t clutter up the house. I brought back 2 pineapple necklaces from Hawaii.


Food items or alcohol

We got some chocolate covered pineapple and Hawaiian chocolate as souvenirs when we visited the Dole Plantion in Hawaii. They also sold Pineapple wine there! Food or alcohol make great souvenirs because you can enjoy them and again, they eventually go away. Another examples is cigars.


Other small souvenirs

After decluttering my existing collections, I decided that although I like collecting things, it’s not really conducive to a minimalist lifestyle so I picked one small item to collect: enamel pins. I have several now, pinned onto my backpack and love them because they are small and don’t take up any extra space in my house. When we went to Hawaii, I got an enamel pin from the resort we stayed at.


Souvenirs for your car or desk

If you’re worried about clutter in your house, think about finding a souvenir for your car. I got a crystal pineapple charm to hang from my windshield and a pineapple keychain while in Hawaii that I get to look at whenever I drive! Other ideas include items for your desk or office at work like pencils, pens, or calendars.

Overall, I loved the souvenirs I brought back from our family trip and hope my suggestions are helpful if you’re looking for souvenir ideas that won’t add to the clutter in your home. Remember that memories and photos are truly the most priceless souvenirs. Bon Voyage and safe travels on your next trip!