Taste of Downtown Disney Review

I had the privilege of attending the Taste of Downtown Disney last week with my husband and I want to share some of our photos and do a quick run down for anyone interested in attending. First things first: what is Taste of Downtown Disney? It’s an annual food/wine festival featuring food and drink from various eateries in Downtown Disney, as well as live music and an auction!

If you’re anything like us, you probably walk through Downtown Disney to get to the park and don’t spend a ton of time there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome place to eat, drink and shop for people of all ages, but we usually bypass Downtown Disney altogether. Incidentally, we had only eaten at one restaurant in Downtown Disney before attending this event, and we will not make that mistake again! Read on for more info on why we LOVE Taste of Downtown Disney.

This festival supports an amazing charity.

As someone who works in the food/beverage industry, I know that many food and wine festivals are charity fundraisers, but I also know that many are not. If you’re paying hundreds of dollars to attend a food and wine festival, wouldn’t you rather the proceeds go to a worthy cause?

This festival is incredibly organized.

If you know Disney, you know there is no half-stepping with anything they do, particularly with onsite events. At Taste of Downtown Disney, you’ll be placed into groups and go on a curated tour of the eateries in predetermined time slots, with a personal guide. This prevents overcrowding and disorganization. The food and drinks are always fresh,  the tables and chairs are cleaned between groups, there is plenty of room to sit, and you get top-notch service. Most food and wine festivals are kind of a free for all, and if you don’t have VIP table service, there are lines and crowds from tent to tent. If you want an experience that is guest-centric, consider this one.

The facilities are excellent.

No tea, no shade, no lemonade, but many food and wine festivals have bunch of tents and porta potties. Something nice about Taste of Downtown Disney is that the samplings mainly take place inside or on the patios of the various eateries, so you get to take in the ambiance of each one and see what it’s like to eat there. My favorite was the Jazz Kitchen.

It’s not just wine.

Although most of the food was paired with various wines, there was also tequila, margaritas, beer and sangria. You don’t have to pick your poison at this food and wine festival, there’s something for everyone!

The samples are quite large.

I doubted that this could happen, but my husband and I were not able to try all of the samples at every eatery. The portion sizes are pretty substantial for an event of this magnitude and although we came hungry, we were absolutely STUFFED when it was all over.

You’re surrounded by Disney Magic.

I don’t need to tell you that if you’re on Disney property, there will be magical touches here and there, even outside of the parks. So much detail and care went into the decor and ambiance of the various eateries and it’s so nice to get time to sit down and enjoy each one for a time.

You’ll have plenty of new favorite Downtown Disney restaurants!

Like I mentioned before, we had only eaten at one of the participating restaurants prior to attending Taste of Downtown Disney. Now, there are at least 3 that we can’t wait to eat at next time we visit the parks! Check out this years participating eateries!


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  1. Melanie says:

    It was such a lovely evening! So glad I ran into you!

  2. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a great event! I’ve been to a lot of “Taste of…” events, but never one for Disney! Thanks so much for sharing on #disfanchat this week!

  3. We love to dine in Downtown Disney! Thank you for sharing your experience!

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