Tips for staying on track with your NYE goals

How to stay on track with your NYE goals

There are a lot of reasons we give up on (or forget) our New Year’s Resolutions. Some people don’t even want to commit to resolutions, but prefer to set goals or aspirations! That’s what I do: set a number of goals for myself that I hope to reach in the new year. In the past, life has gotten in the way of reaching my goals and I wasn’t doing enough to keep my goals in the forefront of my mind and stay focused. The last 2 years I have reached all of the goals I set for myself in the new year and wanted to share what I did differently to stay focused. Read on for my tips!

1. Write them down.

It’s really important to write down your goals. Not only to mentally focus on them but to determine what your plan of action is going to be to achieve them! Keep your list somewhere you can see it regularly. On your desk, on your vanity, even on the nightstand!

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2. Make a vision board

If you’re more of a visual person like I am, make a vision board with photos that represent what your goals are. You can cut out photos from magazines or even use apps like Wishboard or My Vision Board to create a vision board right from your phone with Google images! Every year I make my vision board the background on my iphone so I see it every day. It’s remarkable what a difference it makes to visually see what you want to achieve every single day. If you make a vision board, make sure it’s somewhere you can always see it. Make sure you stay focused on your goals!


3. Do at least one thing every week to move towards at least one of the goals.

I’m all about taking baby steps. I’m not a “new year, new me” kind of person and don’t expect big changes to come quickly. Take one small step towards achieving one of your goals at least once a week. Depending on how many goals you set, maybe you take one baby step every day. Is your goal to start a blog? Maybe a baby step could be purchasing a domain or setting up a WordPress account. Whatever your goal is, make sure you’re actively taking steps (however small) to get closer to it every week.


4. Mark milestones on your calendar

If your goals are time sensitive (like, get a bikini-ready body by vacation in July), set milestones for what steps you need to take and write them down on a calendar. Make sure it’s the same calendar as your work and social responsibilities. Integrate your goals in with everything else and you won’t cast them aside as readily.

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Try these tips and let me know if they helped you stay on track this year! Happy New Year, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!


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