What I gained when I decluttered my life.

If you’re considering decluttering your life, living more “simply” or even using the scary word “minimalism”, you might be wondering: “why try minimalism? What’s in it for me?” I’m going to tell you how much you have to gain from losing the clutter. When I decluttered, this is what I gained:

why try minimalism.png


I gained more space.

I think this is the reason a lot of people declutter or minimize. We have so much stuff, we suddenly don’t have room for anything else. I didn’t want my house to be a home for my stuff, I wanted it to be a home for my family.


I gained more money.

I had a garage sale, sold a lot of my items on apps like Letgo and Offerup and made more than 2 thousand dollars. I also save a lot more by only buying things I really want or need, and not out of habit.


I gained more free time.

I do substantially less organizing and tidying now that I’ve decluttered. I save hours every week that I used to spend putting things away or trying to organize and re-organize my stuff and the children’s stuff. Now I use the time I save to do more of what I want.

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I have more company and entertain more.

I used to hate knowing company was coming over because of the pressure to make sure the house was tidy and organized when they got there. Now that there’s less to tidy, I feel more free to invite our friends over and don’t feel as much pressure to hide our clutter. I also have better access to my serve ware after decluttering the kitchen, so I know where everything is.


I gained flexibility.

I used to have a pretty strict weekly cleaning schedule that if I didn’t stick to, I would have a chaotic, messy house. Now that I have less to declutter, tidy and organize, I only have the items left to clean and I have more flexibility when that gets done. It’s nice not to feel like I’m stuck to a strict schedule (other than the babies’ schedule) anymore.

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I gained hobbies

I have taken on new hobbies and have more time and better access to the materials for my hobbies now that I have decluttered the house.


I gained a new love for the kitchen.

My kitchen was one of my least favorite places in the house, and I hated cooking, mostly because of how cluttered the drawers, cabinets and countertops were.  After decluttering, it was much less overwhelming to go into the kitchen and I cook a lot more often than I used to!


I gained a prettier house.

I have never really been happy with how my house looked. I was always shopping for different furniture, different decor, different art, etc. What I realized, was I had way too much junk and a more minimalist look is actually a lot prettier! Look at it this way, when you think of model homes, hotels and homes in magazines and on tv, they’re not filled with junk!


I gained the present.

This is a work in progress, but since decluttering my house, I’m not always preoccupied with what needs to be cleaned, organized or tidied up next. I live more in the present because I’m not as worried about what needs to be done in the future.


Overall, I feel like what I’ve gained from decluttering our home makes it well worth the effort to continue towards a minimalist lifestyle.